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About Cain

This is a first-person atmospheric horror game, set in the late 1980s, more precisely in Denver on July 18th. That day Harry receives a present for his 15th birthday, a very special present, a videogame called "Cain".

How To Play

  • Check Harry's field of vision by moving the mouse.
  • Move little Cain on TV using the directional arrows.
  • Headphones are highly recommended.

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Updated 14 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorChristopher Laino Games
Tags1-bit, Creepy, First-Person, Horror, Pixel Art, Psychological Horror


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Gracias por tanto amor con este juego. Disfrute demasiado este tipo de juegos.

It's a great game

on linux the face that bounces around moves incredibly fast, watched a walkthrough and it is definitely going much faster than intended. 

I really dug the game mechanics, gotta love platforming!

I got cursed playing this game!!!!

truly terrifying. one second you're trying to focus on platforming, the next you hear a haunting chuckle in your ear. i would 100% buy a full version of this if it were created!

Game is great. Lowkey masterpiece. Reminds me of old school gaming days where you didn’t have your own TV. Really scary too. We loved playing it! 

Great game thanks.

Really good game! I felt fear for a good 20 minutes straight...

Good game, kept me busy while keeping me on my toes. 

good game 10/10. but i don't know if i'm just bad but some levels were pretty difficult.

why is the "W" not working?

Me agrado la fluidez, el detalle y la calidad del juego, el sonido, el ambiente, el suspenso, TODO. Lo único que no me atrapo tanto fue el final, creo que está un poco débil pero sigue siendo un excelente juego :) 

good game idea but it got on my nerves 

Really had fun with the game , it would really cool if something did happen while you was looking your surroundings. Overall really enjoyed the game.

Was very good. I love how creepy it was and I always love scary games that has a game in a game. Like porkchop horror show. It feels calm to play the game but in the main game there is just terrifying things going on.

And so I played Cain ~

Hey! The mac version isn't opening


This needs to be a VR game

This was a lot of fun to play. The concept kept me on the edge as I was paranoid to look around.. Well done 

Interesting idea. Feel it needed a little more happening around you but it did have the atmosphere and tension of what will happen... :)


I was enjoying this quite a bit but came to a point in the platforming, namely the screen with the bouncing demon head and small platforms with the barrels, and could not for the life of me get around it. i'm probably just bad but it really sucked the tension out of it and replaced it with a lot of frustration. i really like what i got to play up to that point however

It was fun :D

i really enjoys this game, i think this really is a great concept, with the whole playing a game in a game, but i feel like the horror elements outside the game were not utilised enough, for a half hour gameplay i would of loved there to be more than 4-5 moments that genuinely creeped me out, i think if you amped it up and made it to the point that the player is so paranoid of what's going on outside the game, that would of been so cool, but it really is a fun game and as i said not alot of people use the game in a game concept so i welcomed this, gameplay above if you enjoy be sure to hit that sub button guys 

i like this game :D play 2D game in 3D game... TV hard to see... But FUn

Thank YOU for this game !

This game might be among my favourite horror games. It explores the scariest part of horror - The knowledge that something will happen, but still a trace of doubt about it. You never know for sure that it's there, but you never know for sure that it isn't there. This element psychologically scared me and I'm sure many others, and I'm in awe of the great immersive graphics and the ability to look in all four directions - That's the thing that caused me to panic when I heard a sound, because you never know where it's coming from. This game is a true masterpiece and I love everything about it. Great game!

Unique, immersive and very unsettling gameplay. Superb game.


The suspense was a lot. Good game.

Really imersive game. 

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Really high quality horror game.Wondering how many scary moments I missed by looking away.

This was such a fantastic game! Never thought about a horror game, where you are playing another game in the game! Such a great idea! 

I'm not allowed to run the game on my MacBook Pro. What can I do to avoid this security check?

It's a common thing that happens with games created with Unity. Try to put the game in the "exceptions" of the antivirus, or give the consent to the antivirus to run it anyway. If it doesn't work, you can always ask Itch for a refund.


Where was this awesome game made?

Good work.


really cool concept with pretty good execution. only thing i'd say is the tension kind of dies down in-between the scares, but still dope


I loved this!!!! It was so unique and scary. Thanks for the amazing game dev!


I absolutely loved this! The scene is built so well I thought there'd be a much larger scope to it. I am NOT disappointed. Just good world-building. The visuals too. I love how the input feels like you really are controlling with the stick. It's amazing! 

I think this is the type of content that shines best on itch. It's like a small section of a AAA title or larger commercial game. The feet are oddly realistic too haha. The IK of the arm. Inspires me as a fellow dev to get back into it all again. 

I'd love to see a small 3d game by you that, like INSIDE, tells an eery story without any words at all. You can do it!

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This game has a great atmosphere and a fun little platformer built into it. I want to see more done with the world outside of the game because there wasn't enough of that in my opinion. If you're more interested in watching than playing, you can watch my playthrough here: 

Thanks for making games!

I think $1 is very reasonable for this experience, but $4 is definitely a bit too much for a short game like this (20 min or less).


This game was fun to play, and when it needed to be scary it definitely was! Everything from the atmosphere, and the scares themselves were good. Good game dev!


This game is a masterpiece. Perfect use of subtle horror up until the end when things get nice and spooky. Super immersive, and the platforming game is genuinely fun and stays interesting throughout. This was very enjoyable, great work!
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