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What is Cain?

Cain is a first person horror game where you play a cursed platform game on TV. 

Be careful, you are not alone...

Features :

  • High quality graphic.
  • High quality sound effects.
  • Immersive gaming experience.
  • About 25-30 minutes of gameplay.


Buy Now$3.99 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $3.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Cain - Windows 146 MB
Cain - Mac 165 MB
Cain - Linux 169 MB


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I'm not allowed to run the game on my MacBook Pro. What can I do to avoid this security check?

It's a common thing that happens with games created with Unity. Try to put the game in the "exceptions" of the antivirus, or give the consent to the antivirus to run it anyway. If it doesn't work, you can always ask Itch for a refund.


Where was this awesome game made?

Good work.


really cool concept with pretty good execution. only thing i'd say is the tension kind of dies down in-between the scares, but still dope


I loved this!!!! It was so unique and scary. Thanks for the amazing game dev!


I absolutely loved this! The scene is built so well I thought there'd be a much larger scope to it. I am NOT disappointed. Just good world-building. The visuals too. I love how the input feels like you really are controlling with the stick. It's amazing! 

I think this is the type of content that shines best on itch. It's like a small section of a AAA title or larger commercial game. The feet are oddly realistic too haha. The IK of the arm. Inspires me as a fellow dev to get back into it all again. 

I'd love to see a small 3d game by you that, like INSIDE, tells an eery story without any words at all. You can do it!

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This game has a great atmosphere and a fun little platformer built into it. I want to see more done with the world outside of the game because there wasn't enough of that in my opinion. If you're more interested in watching than playing, you can watch my playthrough here: 

Thanks for making games!

I think $1 is very reasonable for this experience, but $4 is definitely a bit too much for a short game like this (20 min or less).


This game was fun to play, and when it needed to be scary it definitely was! Everything from the atmosphere, and the scares themselves were good. Good game dev!


This game is a masterpiece. Perfect use of subtle horror up until the end when things get nice and spooky. Super immersive, and the platforming game is genuinely fun and stays interesting throughout. This was very enjoyable, great work!

Looks incredible, I'm gonna play this in a while.


saw this on youtube, had to play it for myself


I thought that was Cain from The Holy Bible? The one that killed his shepherd brother?


bro this game raped me and im suing and pressing charges



This game totally deserves being one of the most sold horror on itch, can't believe I waited this long.

No Commentary Full Playthrough 



This game is pretty good, i played at 1:00 and shat myself so good job


good but a bit expensive



I thought it was cute.. YOU proved me wrong! 

My living room is cold..

Thank you for the eerie and destitute feeling you put upon my heart Christopher. Job well done!

Here's my game playthrough for all!



What more is there to say. My heart hurts from the stress

my ass burns

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Amazing game, had me in tension the whole time. Loved the atmosphere, the gameplay and the story.


I loved your game, it's just great, I see you say it doesn't have 1 single ending, I'll play it again :)



No there is only 1 ending.


how to speak panda express


would you consider a steam release, Dev?

The game is currently only available on this site. Thanks for your interest anyway.


Brilliant slow burn mise en abyme haunted platformer.

Well made

this game had me on edge the ENTIRE TIME. from the nerve racking platformer you the actual horror going on around me. i was mad and scared at the same time. THE ENTIRE TIME. it’s the last game in my 3 random games. check it out if you want. 

is that snoop dog


Very good

This was such a rad experience. You did such a phenomenal job balancing out the slow ramping anxiety buildup and the payoff landed perfectly. I was tense the whole time. Thank you for making this.

Absolutely loved the game, was so much fun! Glad that I got it and covered it for a video! And if ya decide to check it out, I hope ya enjoy it!


Played your game on a Live Stream. Very unique. Keep up the great work.

This game is literally what I fear every night when I'm playing a horror game at 2am. And I also really like the whole Game within a game concept. Keep up the good work!

Good Job <3


Gave it a go, I'd agree with Ryshou that it could be scarier, there was a lot of under-utilized moments, situations where tension and horror could be so much greater, but all miss opportunities. 

A game inside a game... it works. While playing Cain, I was telling myself I needed to pay attention, and split my focus as necessary. As I’m sitting there trying to finish a level, I’m hearing things, or sometimes seeing things that makes me wonder if I’m in more trouble than I think. And I LOVE a horror game that’s set in a real-world environment and down-to-earth, believable world, where your home is no longer safe.  

To me, the game works best when the horror really starts ramping up, but it would’ve been nice to experience more of it. I’m a big fan of the “slow burn” form of horror, as jump scares are usually cheap and overdone. But in Cain, a few well-placed jump scares would’ve done their job well, especially if something happens in the player’s peripheral vision when their focus on their game is at its peak. I love what’s here, but I craved a little more of it. 

Pretty cool idea! I liked it! just wish it was a little more scary lol

I like game it was really cool