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Hana is an ordinary girl with a dream out of the ordinary,  that is making PARANORMAL BUDDIES!!! 

And how to do that? Whell with a "top" quality ouija board! 

And who will answer her questions? Well, of course you, player!

About the game

Paranormal Buddies is a PS1-Style Visual Novel, developed by me, Christopher Laino, for the Spooktober 3rd Annual Visual Novel Jam by DevTalk.

  • About 20-30 minutes of gameplay.
  • A cute main character
  • Bugs
  • 4 Endings ( Yeaa, they were supposed to be more, but I didn't make it in time for the jam )
  • A VHS Style Game, with noises and glitches (I'm in love with glitchy things)
  • Toby
Assets used:

Kitchen Creation Kit - Studio Krokidana

FREE Haunted Jump Scares - Arya of Terror

Thunder Sound Set Volume 1 - Thunder Pop Production

Minimal UI Sounds - cabled_mess

PSXEffects - Triples Axis

Glitch Image Effect - Jim

Textures - www.textures.com

Sfx - https://freesound.org (all with Creative Commons 0)

Programming - Art - Modelling - Writing - Localization 

Christopher Laino -   https://twitter.com/Chris_Laino_

Main Menu Music

EE Prod - https://twitter.com/ee_prod


This game contains strong images, blood, gore, violence, jump scare, paranormal and occult references. This game is not appropriate for people with heart diseases.

Updated 14 days ago
Published 18 days ago
Release date 18 days ago
AuthorChristopher Laino
GenreVisual Novel
Made withUnity, Blender, Aseprite, Adobe Photoshop
TagsHorror, PSX


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The jumpscares got me 馃槶

I don't think Hana is actually my friend, especially bringing Ouija boards into it 馃

I loved CAIN, I loved Paranormal Buddies, whats next! :)

Full Play No Commentary 

I only have one thing to say. We're not friends anymore Hana.

Good game by the way.

The gameplay start at 25:54. I thought at first when I played this game, its just gonna be a silly game... but its not. its actually scaring me when the ending is near. So overall, I enjoyed very fully and hope you making more games my friends!!!

Love from Malaysia.

Played it during my stream last Saturday and I really enjoyed it XD I have 1 more ending to complete,so here's hoping Takeo is still there till the end


Really cool short game that I played, didn't know there was more ending so I might have to see the rest


Played the game, it was super fun! At first I was confused about how to get different endings before realizing u have to click on the ouija board to answer questions and not the planchette 馃槶

Great little experience. First time really playing a game like this. Very enjoyable. 

Pode trazer uma vers茫o para Android??


what zip can I download to run this 

Really cute game, fun idea!!! Good Job!!! 

I am deeply concerned... yet very intrigued!

The awsome game managed to get two ending and still trying to get the other too. Really a huge fan of ps1 games.

pretty good game only did 1 ending tho

I don't usually go for visual novel style games like this but wow was it fun! I loved the whole thing!

This game are cute and disturbing at the same time

good job

I liked your use of sound effects and the scares in weren't predictable. Thank you for making this, was really fun to play through and watch the story unfold. Followed.
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[Gameplay en espa帽ol]

The game has quite an interesting story! There are few games that exist in relation to the Ouija board and this one has been good! At the moment I have reached 1 ending

OUIJA BOARDS NEVER END WELL!!! This game was actually a refreshing change from the ordinary indie horror games! Keep up the great work my dude! 

   - CrazyCheesePuf

Very funny game! I especially loved Hana's facial expressions. In the end I got two endings out of four ^^

Not the biggest fan of visual novel type of games, but can appreciate the art work and writing. Chill game to playthrough while taking couple drinks.

Made some no commentary walkthrough





Hello, I played this game and I really liked it, at first I didn't realize that I could meddle with the board but it was a fun game, I got all the endings although I agree that finding some of them is very difficult, over all good work :)

It was such a fun game! The characters had so much personality and it really drove all the four endings to be impactful, scary and fun! The story was sweet at first because it was just like two friends interacting, and then it gets darker and even intriguing. Can definitely see the multiple possible endings with the large possible options you can have with the Ouija Board! It was fun to put in different names and figure out how to use it! Overall, it was a super well made game and I really loved the staticness of the VHS like effect. 

I love visual novels especially horror ones, I also loved reading and thoughts. Great job!

I was wondering if you can please make the game a zip file? The game looks very interesting, but I can't open it since it's a rar file

I love this game! It feels so nostalgic! Awesome work!

So this one is utterly delightful!

I like the sheer bait and switchy nature of the premise and presentation. Oh, it's in the horror tag! But it has cute graphics. But they are playing with a Ouija board! But nothing happens and it's just cute banter. But---!

I do also appreciate the different endings, and just how hardcore some of them get, although (and I realize this was for a jam, so perhaps this could be considered for a later updated version), I feel like the game needs a hint somewhere for the name to input to get the worst ending, or at least installed similes - it's pretty nearly impossible to just guess outside of trying random crap out for a small eternity.

It also seems to me like very little depends on your actual responses outside of the name. But again, I realize this was for a jam and time is of the essence. Still, it's a wonderful blend of styles, and Hana herself is adorable. I loved playing this.

This was the BOMB! Oh my gosh, I loved everything, the visuals, the story, the gameplay, it was so funny and fun and creepy. Absolutely delightful and incredibly interactive for a visual novel. Amazeballs.

Now This is a pretty spooky game, also with an interesting style

This was a lot of fun! Wish I had more time to find other endings but still enjoyed my time with it!

This is a really good game, I liked the story and characters and it was a fun PS1 style VHS game. I look forward to more from this dev.

Big thank you for making this interesting game. I wouldn't mind seeing more of these characters and what started all this. 

This is why we don't play with spirit boards! This was really well done, loved the style with the vhs filter, and the little jumpscares and being able to play as the ghost! Love it! 

Wow this is really good visual novel horror game. Some of the endings is related to each other and great story. Creepy and Scary!!!

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