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I loved the game! Can't wait for more. 

I loved playing this! I hope you can make another game like this in the future :) Thank you

She's cute

Interesting little game, enjoyed it!

Great game! The jumpscares got me😱

sadly not working for me... No matter what I do the textlines and the ending dont change... I can only get the toby end :(

This happened for me too. Eventually, I realized that you have to click "Yes" or "No" on the Ouija Board when the game asks a question. 

This game really manages to be so creepy even with low poly models, the story was great and I loved how each of the paths the player could take were so dark and unique to each other. Think this was the first game where I actually needed to find a guide to work out how to get to the other endings. I've never played a game where text inputs have the possibility to open other paths.

Loved the art of the game, and you did an amazing job at making everything look so creepy.

un gran juego con estética retro, sencillo pero llega a entretener mas que otros juegos. sin duda alguna algo muy disfrutable.

Great VHS-like visual novel. And challenging, because of the 4 finals, I have only managed to get 2...XD.

Love this game! Hope yall make more of these types of games!

This game is really cute and pretty much took a 180 in the end. ~ 

I really loved the style of this game. Would be great to see the diffrent endings, wonder how you get them. Not much to complain on this game as the style and story line was great, only thing would be that it was unfortuante that you couldnt make it full screen but over all great wee game

cool game but how do i play im not sure if its just my laptop but im not able to get it to move the wood thing. still liked the toby ending.


Very Small and spoopy horror game enjoyed it alot and had me laught a little here and there really enjoyed it!!!!

Very cute and well made for a short little spooky story. I loved Hana's character and her "twist" at the end. Didn't know what to expect going in but I enjoyed seeing where the story went and I had a good time checking it out! :)

loved the style!

Great game!

I hate you Toby.. \(〇_o)/

I had fun playing this PS1 styled game! as a result of having an amzing story. Now I wont mess with SPIRITS anymore...

 UNIQUE game!

great game and story liked it a lot can't wait for more games from you! 

Just played this and I really loved it. Had me scared lolz 

The game was pretty cool and good.

I'm a brazilian guy who plays some indie horror games sometimes and post the videos on my yt channel.. Thanks for the game, guys!

gg irmao sucesso

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I loved the game, I thought it was a really fun twist that the girl is actually the antagonist in every ending. The dialogue is very well done and makes the characters feel human. Hope to see the other endings in the future! Gameplay starts at 10:00

This was pretty good. I liked it. Hope you do an update and add the other endings. Have a little fun with the Ouija board.

Besides being confused on how to get any other endings (was this just me?? lol), this was an interesting and short little visual novel! I really liked the aesthetic and had fun playing this. Thanks for making this game!

Multiple endings and great little story. 4/5
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The jumpscares got me 😭

I don't think Hana is actually my friend, especially bringing Ouija boards into it 🤔

I loved CAIN, I loved Paranormal Buddies, whats next! :)

Full Play No Commentary 

I only have one thing to say. We're not friends anymore Hana.

Good game by the way.

The gameplay start at 25:54. I thought at first when I played this game, its just gonna be a silly game... but its not. its actually scaring me when the ending is near. So overall, I enjoyed very fully and hope you making more games my friends!!!

Love from Malaysia.

Played it during my stream last Saturday and I really enjoyed it XD I have 1 more ending to complete,so here's hoping Takeo is still there till the end


Really cool short game that I played, didn't know there was more ending so I might have to see the rest


Played the game, it was super fun! At first I was confused about how to get different endings before realizing u have to click on the ouija board to answer questions and not the planchette 😭

Great little experience. First time really playing a game like this. Very enjoyable. 

Pode trazer uma versão para Android??


what zip can I download to run this 

Really cute game, fun idea!!! Good Job!!! 

I am deeply concerned... yet very intrigued!

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